Mission & Vision


At Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies our students learn by doing in diverse environments. Our staff builds relationships with students, caregivers, and community partners to ensure the socio-emotional safety of all and to continuously develop systems that promote equity and empower all learners. We put all students first by setting high expectations while meeting students’ needs so they can work collaboratively and think critically to become self-aware, empathetic, creative problem-solvers who will lead by example and thrive in college, career, and community-minded endeavors. 


The most effective way to achieve our vision is to implement a series of data-informed student-centered initiatives, projects-based learning, and socio-emotional support structures that use evidence to meet needs, maximize equity, and increase empathy for all learners. Passion, persistence, resilience, and knowledge of the whole student flow in and out of these systems as connective threads that encourage high standards and real-world relevance in our practices.