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Bronx, NY 10456


Dr. Sterling

Living Environment, Health

Email: hsterling@macsx297.org

College: University of West Indies, SUNY Brooklyn, Lehman College

Did you Know...Ms. Sterling's favorite books are all written by John Grisham?

Dr. Chi

Earth Science

Email: dchi@macsx297.org

College: Korea University School of Medicine, San Jose State University of California

Did you Know...

Ms. Miranda

Living Environment

Email: tmiranda@macsx297.org


Did you Know...

Mr. Luxemburg 

Living Environment, Chemistry

Email: mluxemburg@macsx297.org

College: Haverford College

Did you Know...

Ms. Halo

Physics, Living Environment​

Email: ehalo@macsx297.org

College: Barnard College, TC at Columbia University

Did you Know...Ms. Halo enjoys playing Final Fantasy 4 online, as well as a variety of survival horror games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Clock Tower?