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Our Admissions

Parents navigating the New York City DOE High School Admissions process know it can be confusing and difficult. The MACS admission team supports families in their quest to join our school community by answering questions, clarifying requirements, and ultimately building lasting relationships with parents and students. Take steps to become a MACS student!
The steps below are clickable links to helpful information and ways for us to get to know you.  

Introduce yourself by filling out our Prospective Students Survey.

Get to know us better by taking a virtual tour through MACS and watching the introduction presentation! Coming soon!

Meet us at upcoming city & borough wide High School Fairs.


Join us on one of our Open House Events via Zoom. We can't wait to meet you!

Once you've been matched/accepted to MACS, please RSVP for our Summer Bridge and Orientation events.


Admissions Ranking Criteria for SY 2018-19

Ed-Opt Program

Principal - Matthew Mazzaroppi


Prospective students will be scored on 4 categories: 7th Grade English proficiency ratings, 7th Grade Math proficiency ratings, Attendance, and most updated course grade average of only the four core content courses (Math, English, Social Studies, & Science).


Both English and Math 7th grade proficiency ratings (1 – 4.5) will be multiplied by 22.2 points respectively for a maximum point value of 100 so that their converted scores will be on the same point scale as attendance and course average categories.


Each rubric category will then be multiplied by its assigned weight and added together to give a final point value out of 100 points.


Students with missing information (from the rubric categories) will be considered by using the information that is available and aligned to rubric categories.    


Missing course grades will result in only the available course grades being averaged.


We will prioritize Sped and ENL students using a consideration of the rubric and a consideration of historic trends in student population subgroup percentages. The school’s programs and services will also be considered for the respective subgroups.  

Rubric for how students are ranked
RSVP - Admissions
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