ENL - English as a New Language

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Ms. Demeroukas


Email: mdemeroukas@macsx297.org

College: University of Iowa, TC at Columbia University

Did you know...Ms. Demeroukas enjoys going to museums, learning new languages, riding her bike across Iowa, and cooking? 

Male teacher smiles while sitting at student desk

Mr. Chamoff


Email: jchamoff@macsx297.org

College: SUNY Oswego, Universitad de Barcelona, Hunter College

Did you know...enjoys playing soccer, boxing, writing, comic books, art, languages, and music? 

Female teacher on top of a historic site on top of a mountain

Ms. Geller


Email: egeller@macsx297.org

CollegeHunter College, Rikkyo University, Lehman College

Did you know...Ms. Geller spent 3 years teaching English in rural Japan? Also, she is deathly afraid of clowns.