Math Department

Mr. Lo, Algebra I
NYU - Polytechnic University, Relay Graduate School of Education

Favorite Quote:  "Knowledge without transformation is not wisdom."  --Paulo Coelho

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Ms. Martin, Algebra I & Geometry

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Mrs. Lawrence, Algebra I 
Fordham University, Mercy College

Did you know??? Mrs. Lawrence took dance classes with Alvin Ailey for a year.

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Mr. Henriques, Alegebra I
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, City College of New York

Favorite Quote: "Quality is doing your best when no one is looking."

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Ms. Cover, Algebra I & Algebra II/Trig
Brown University, Indiana University, CCNY, Lehman College

Did you know?? Ms. Cover has baked over 500 cupcakes for the Eco-Club, and has won the NYC Marathon two years in a row...psych! But she did complete them!

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Ms. Sims
New York University, City College of New York

Did you know?? Ms. Sims loves to travel and visit at least one new place a year

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