Student Resources

At MACS, students have a tremendous support system available to assist them, including Guidance Counselors, Deans, Teachers, Administrators, School Safety Agents, School Aides, Paraprofessionals and, of course, each other.  

Below, you will find some helpful links and resources.  If you cannot find the resource you are looking for, please let us know by contacting us here.

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LUNCH Form (Family Income Inquiry) Apply for SCHOOL MEAL BENEFITS the easy way 
Lunch Club Schedule 2016-2017 When and where our Lunch Clubs meet each day! 
MACS Grading Policy 2016-2017 A chart showing how you earn your grade at MACS! 
MACS Bell Schedule 2016-2017 The bell schedule for the 2016-2017 school day at MACS 
Regents Exam Schedule A link to the NYS webpage with the dates for upcoming Regents Examinations 
Tips for Doing Well at MACS Suggestions and habits that all students should follow in order to be successful at MACS 
What to Bring (And Not to Bring!) to School A list of items that students should bring to school every day, and those that should be left at home! 
Information about Metro Cards Helpful information about how to get a Metro Card and what to do if your Metro Card gets lost or stolen. 
MACS Discipline Policy An overview of the discipline policies and procedures at MACS. 
MACS Mission Statement  
College Board Website  Information about the SAT, Financial Aid and Applying to College 
Pupilpath Sign-in Page Access to the pupilpath website, where students can see their grades, assignments, attendance and more! 
Graduation Requirements Information about the requirements students must meet in order to graduate from high school in New York State. 
Showing 13 items