Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies is proud to be an official DOE Showcase School!

Dear Future MACS Students, Parents and Guardians,

Your interest has brought you to the website of the Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies (MACS), and we hope you join us in the pursuit of excellence as we put our students first. We are a skilled and caring family of professionals who are dedicated to helping your future graduates collaborate to take charge of their learning and develop into creative problem solvers. We will help them to lead by example and to thrive in college, career, and community endeavors. 

At MACS, our scholars will learn by doing hands-on, real-world projects designed to meet the needs of every learner, and we will support them on their academic journey with student-centered initiatives and extra-curricular programs that provide socio-emotional support.  

From Advanced Placement Classes and College Now to Collaborative Study Skills and Extended Day, MACS offers opportunities, programs, resources and supports for all of our students.

Join us! We will walk the road to success together.


Matthew Mazzaroppi


To learn more about MACS, come visit us!  Information about applying to high school in NYC is also linked below. Remember, now is the time to learn about MACS and everything it has to offer, and prioritize our school on your applications!  

Your best chance of being accepted is by selecting MACS at your 1st or 2nd choice.

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